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#3129010 - 04/20/12 12:56 PM what do you think
sthet Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 33
Loc: NY
I got a call Sunday evening from a guy that had skunks grubbing his yard. Wife is scared because she has seen them up close. I swing by and there is a lot of grubbing and a lot of scat. Close to a quarter acre was covered with sign. He has an old cow barn converted for storage. Searched through the barn, which was real clean, and found no sign of a skunk living there. I set the two traps I had in the truck and told the guy I'd be back in the morning to check them and set a few more. First check both traps made a catch, one skunk one possum. Replaced those traps and set two more. Since then the next four checks have remained just as I set them. The grubbing has stopped and I see no new sign. Do you think all the sign was just from one skunk? Maybe they moved on? Maybe they found a different food source? How much longer would you leave the sets in?

#3129027 - 04/20/12 01:07 PM Re: what do you think [Re: sthet]
Peskycritter Offline

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 23
Loc: south east michigan
If the damage has stoped the job is done . That's why it's called damage control , if the yard is rolled up then it's coons , but if your seeing cones so it was a skunk , lucky you caught him in a baited set this time of the year ,all are skunks have vanished here , haven't even smelled one since last year , frown
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#3129208 - 04/20/12 04:02 PM Re: what do you think [Re: sthet]
BigBob Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 13351
Loc: St. Louis Co, Mo
As I understand it, Skunks like to move around and rarely spend more than 1 night in a den, unless raising a litter.
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