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Trap Shed Rules

1. All posts made for selling must contain the asking price for the item - this is not Ebay.
2. No electronic media (videos, dvds, audios) will be sold or traded on this forum.
3. is not responsible for transactions made at this site.
4. This page is intended for the sale, trade or purchase of used trapping equipment and not a place to sell new items, or stuff you manufacture.
5. No Begging for free stuff
6. A post may only be brought to the top purposely three times, and will be locked after the third time. Once a post has been locked or deleted, it cannot be put back on the forum for one month.
7. Make it clear what you wish in the title, not just WTT or WTB
8. The only reply allowed on each thread is a TTT by the post initiator. All questions and communications will be done by PMs only. If PMs aren't answered in a timely manner, the poster will be banned from using the Trap Shed. (Exception to Rule #8 - A reply is allowed by a person who sends payment. Once payment sent is posted, the post will be locked.)
9. Except for muzzleloaders, no Guns, or ammunition will be bought/sold/traded on this forum.
10. You are limited to three threads at any one time for selling/trading/buying items. All posts older than 1 month with no activity will be locked

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    by wheelers
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    by 10bands
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