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#6003945 - 09/20/17 09:08 AM Re: Squirrel trapping [Re: Sask hunter]
Jim Comstock Offline

Registered: 02/11/11
Posts: 140
Loc: New York
I guess those are ground squirrels. Might try that on grays. Just got 52 grays at on location in single traps while using a transfer cage so that traps didn't have to be swapped out, just rebated. The squirrels just run into the large transfer box in seconds. Can get a dozen or more into it quickly. I had the same thing happen with digging. After a while they started digging under the traps, so I put the traps on aluminum sheets, which worked pretty well, but a couple started rolling the cages even after the aluminum. For the smart ones I used an ear of corn with a larger trap did the trick. The mesh on the cages we used was 1/2 x 1 to make reaching in more difficult. I sometimes slide metal covers over the traps where the bait is. Peanuts seem to work well.

#6004446 - 09/20/17 05:51 PM Re: Squirrel trapping [Re: Sask hunter]
DezertTrapper Offline

Registered: 08/30/17
Posts: 579
Loc: Desert Southwest-CA
I saw a video of Jim's transfer cage, and its brilliant! I want one of those and a bunch of those smaller traps for (non acreage) jobs.
Yep, those are CA ground squirrels...75% of my calls are GS related. Jim, I opted for rigid plastic after trying aluminum--with our air temps up to 115F, ground temps are far higher, even in filtered shade...and flat metal of any kind gets so hot that it radiates upward, and squirrels won't enter. With rigid plastic, I always toss some soil between the plastic and the trap...just enough to make it look "normal" and thin enough to keep the base of the trap at ground level.

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