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#6186452 - 03/13/18 01:22 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
tomahawker Offline

Registered: 05/09/09
Posts: 1413
Loc: ohio
Buddies got lost in a cave years ago. Flashlights died, starting burning wrappers and lint from pockets, talked about loved ones, the whole deal. They were in there over 10hrs. Lost and set in the dark for 7!! Made local news

#6186453 - 03/13/18 01:24 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: rawcalls]
sandberg Offline

Registered: 10/25/14
Posts: 59
Loc: Westbank BC
Originally Posted By: rawcalls
Funny how all you guys have never been lost, just "turned around" lol.

No kidding hey hahaha especially the guy that said he was turned around "for 3 or 4 days" haha

I've never spent the night in the woods but on one occasion in the fog ended up on the wrong side of a mtn on a road I thought was where I wanted to be (tried doing a loop back to the truck) and it dead ended ... which it shouldn't have haha just back tracked to the truck that time by landmarks

Another time my buddy and I lost the blazes on the trees on a 2 hr hike into a cabin at 11pm in the dark .... that was a hoot haha. all kinds of eyes staring at us from our headlamps and a screech owl making a heck of a racket and making us think it was a cougar at first. that time we circled until we picked up the trail again.

I know I'm not smart for it but I've never owned a gps and rarely taken compass either. I just make sure i have some maps on me and go by landmarks... a compass did save my butt one time... I had unknowingly turned north instead of east. checked my compass, walked 100 yards and found the pond. If i had missed it.....suffice to say... it would have sucked haha

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#6186470 - 03/13/18 01:53 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Boco]
J.Morse Offline

Registered: 05/31/13
Posts: 3197
Loc: Northern Michigan
Originally Posted By: Boco
No,I'm still here.
It is not uncommon for people to disappear in the bush here and not be heard from again.

Even here in this civilized area we have had that happen. One deer hunter disappeared in the Deadstream Swamp about 28 years back....still in there. The farthest straight-line across that swamp is no more than 8 miles. Just last fall a couple people disappeared in the same area....this couple has yet to be seen. Foul play is expected to have played a hand in their disappearance.
Back 40+ years ago I was working at a lodge in the bush near Goldrock, Ontario(about three year around residents at that time). Back then it was very isolated country. A First Nations fishing guide from a neighboring lodge had wandered off into the bush the season before. He'd been drinking and was agitated according to the lodge owners. That next summer, when I was there, there was a team of 4 Ministry of Geology (?) geologists mapping the area and they found a skull off in the bush many miles from where the guide had runn oft. At first they thought it was something really old, but apon closer examination they found a set of dentures and some clothing pieces that proved the guide was missing no longer. That was a stroke of needle-in-the-haystack luck for that guys family.

#6186585 - 03/13/18 03:43 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: rawcalls]
trapr Offline

Registered: 12/31/06
Posts: 1400
Loc: idaho falls idaho
Originally Posted By: rawcalls
Funny how all you guys have never been lost, just "turned around" lol.
All I had to do was look down,and there I was standing in a pair of boots on a piece of ground, so I knew where I was.However ,the rest of the world may have been temporarily spatially displaced!Some things are a matter of perspective. smile

#6186628 - 03/13/18 04:31 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
backroadsarcher Offline

Registered: 11/22/12
Posts: 1145
Loc: Frazee, MN
I wouldn't say lost but couldn't see my way out. Was tracking a bear years ago that my father had shot with a bow and it got dark. After an hour into it our flash lights went dead and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. We made it out but I think we tripped over every tree and twig before we found where we were suppose to be hours later.

#6186669 - 03/13/18 05:14 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
bottomlot Offline

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 311
Loc: Wisconsin
The most scary time ever in my life!!!! I walked for what seemed like hours but it was actually only about 13 min. Then I found the front door to the mall. THAT was scary - STILL have nightmares.
He who dies with the most stories wins.

#6186709 - 03/13/18 05:59 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
il.trapper Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 1363
Loc: West Central Illinois
was lost one time. Southern IL. in an area I thought I knew well enough. If I hadn't relied on a compass I would have been fine. SERIOUSLY!!! In that area there are so many iron ore pits and what ever else to drive a compass nuts you simply can't rely on them. I came out on a rd. and got my bearings. I knew I would never get back to my truck before well after dark. Never got scared per say, but it was bad bad feeling.

Spent the night out in the timber once down in TN. too. Went coon hunting before a predicted storm which was not suppose to hit till after midnight. Well it hit about 7:30-8:00. Snowed so hard I couldn't see over 20-30 feet in any direction. I hunkered down a deep ditch, built a fire and stayed put. Next morning at daylight the snow had eased up enough for me to get to my truck. The wife and my Mom were furious, Dad wasn't to happy either but at least he understood what had happened.

#6186859 - 03/13/18 08:23 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
grisseldog Offline

Registered: 08/07/08
Posts: 2651
Loc: fayette,al.
I was squirrel hunting ,didn't leave the woods until dark. I was in the Black Warrior National Forest,remote ,few roads ,anyway I turned down a ridge which I
Should have been ten minutes from my truck but two hours later I finally got to my truck.
The ridge was one ridge to early. So I walked down to the creek ,then back to the road and up the road to my truck.
And it was pouring rain during this hike.
From then on I took my compass..

#6186870 - 03/13/18 08:32 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
pcr2 Offline

Registered: 05/17/10
Posts: 12906
Loc: potter co. p.a.
i've walked 10 miles on a 5 mile road a time or tewe also.
I'm almost itchin to see a possum twitchen.-ALMOST

#6186875 - 03/13/18 08:39 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
DON B Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 33
Loc: central PA
I wasn't turned around, I gotta say I was lost. Hunting deer in the Adirondack mountains around Stillwater fire tower. Seen Fifth Creek Pond on my topo map and thought I'd head there.Found it fine. Ate lunch and enjoyed the scenery. On the way out I seen a few deer head up over the top. Went up over to try and get a look at them. Got over the top and looked around and ... uh oh! No compass and nothing but woods. Them woods is big.
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#6186878 - 03/13/18 08:39 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
harleydparts Offline

Registered: 04/16/13
Posts: 1656
Loc: east TN, USA
Either 81 or 82 I went to a deer camp in the Pa mountains for the first time, got their Sunday, season opened Monday morning. I took off running the woods speed scouting. The valley (I was told) was 12 miles long & 8 miles wide. One road in, one road out. The cabin was right below the fire tower on the ridge, can't miss it. I got excited, I found a ridge over loaded with acorns and it looked like the old sheep grazing cartoons. Head down till I looked up & darn its dark. No fire tower, no stars. I can walk to either end of or either side of the valley and maybe be right OR I could be 6 or 4 miles off. Screw that, I had a day pack of candy, peanut butter cookies, water & 2 cheap tinfoil survival blankets. I found a place with less rocks & roots & built a cheery little fire , spread a blanket out & wrapped up in one. Spent the night reaching out every couple hours putting fuel on the fire and to be honest I considered it pretty darn peaceful. Sat around till daylight the next morning, spotted the fire tower and headed for it. I hit the cabin 1 1/2 hours after shooting light , figured I'd grab my rifle and run back over there and hope for late feeding activity. OMG! They were all standing around wringing their hands. They had called Susan (luckily) and reported me missing & that they were going to call search & research! Suze told them to leave me be, I was either fine, broke(in which case I'd darn sure make my location known come morning) or dead, which didn't matter. I grabbed the phone, called Suze "Hey Babe" "You good?" "ya" "Get lost again?" "Well, not really, you know" "I told them to leave you be, you were fine but I was up all night, you have your stuff with you?" "Always babe, $€¥# happens" "You coming in for lunch?" "Ya, probaly" "Call me, I'm going to sleep now and don't want to sleep all day" "You making me look like a sissy husband?" "Probably but I don't care, I don't want to sleep all day" . For you all that don't believe the accuracy of my memory, it's a blessing & a curse. I am afflicted with a memory for conversations that happened 50 years ago but I can't put pictures to them. Frustrating to say the least.
Not as bad as I could be, not as good as I should be.

#6186880 - 03/13/18 08:39 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
John-Chagnon Offline

Registered: 11/20/15
Posts: 436
Loc: Oscoda, Michigan
Once dragged a deer for hour an hour and then tripped over the gut pile in the dark. That was when I was a teenager. Moved to the UP and spent several nights in the woods, that is when I learned to use a compass in the 90's and solved my problems. I was used to smaller sections in lower Michigan and they were much large in UP. I usually was coon or bobcat hunting when I got lost in the night.
Michigan Trapper

#6186930 - 03/13/18 09:18 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
coalminer Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 1264
Loc: Pa
Went night fishing on a Friday nite, planned on sleeping in the truck. Bout 11:00 headed back to the truck, fog moved in, really couldn’ make our way back. Bout 1:00 am, came onto some dead trees we knew where we where, just tied off to them n hung a lantern till morning. Got soaked from the dew, not the best bed I’ve slept in either. Never saw fog that bad again.
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#6186937 - 03/13/18 09:26 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
Wild_Idaho Offline

Registered: 02/14/18
Posts: 453
Loc: North Idaho
Never had to spend the night, but I was elk hunting in some thick lodgepole woods and got completely turned around, during a torrential downpour of rain. The area I was in was a bout a 15 square mile triangle that was bordered by two rivers and a dirt forest road so I kept walking in the direction I figured the road to be. Turned out I was wrong and it was where one of the rivers was. I was able to determine which river it was based on the width (this one was consistently about 20 yards across, while the other was much smaller). Then used common sense on which way it was flowing to get myself oriented and walked toward where I now knew the road to be. Made it back to the truck where I met my dad about 3 hours after dark. He figured I was dealing with a dead elk and was there waiting for me. I had to break the news to him that I was just about as turned around as two coons in a gunny sack fightin' to get out.
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#6186991 - 03/13/18 10:21 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
SundanceMtnMan Offline

Registered: 02/23/17
Posts: 257
Loc: North Idaho, USA
Never spent the night but my darn truck moved a time or two and it took a while to find it.
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#6187030 - 03/13/18 11:17 PM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
humptulips Offline

Registered: 02/12/07
Posts: 831
Loc: Washington State
I've been lost twice. Once in Seattle and once in Portland. Swore I would never go back

#6187081 - 03/14/18 04:52 AM Re: Did you ever get lost in the wilderness [Re: Grandpa Trapper]
danny clifton Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 11710
Loc: williamsburg ks
My son hadn't been married very long. Went elk hunting with my Dad. I can't bring myself to buy any license from Colorado Division of Wildlife so I went to help get meat out. No rifle. Opening evening we were watching an oak brush covered finger that drops down to a river. Saw cows but no antlers. When it got too dark to shoot we walked back to the pickup. 20-30 minutes I guess. Then 20-30 minutes back to the house. When we got there his new wife was in a panic. She was from the city and scared of the dark. Scared of the light too though in fairness if there were no streets within sight. Had called the sheriff when the sun dropped below the horizon to report us missing. Its a small rural part of the world and the sheriff recognized the name. Actually laughed and told her to call back in the morning. Now she's mad and scared. Scared a pack rat had ate us or something and scared something was going to eat her too even though she was in a house with my mom and my wife. Both who tried to calm her down and talk her out of calling the law. When we came in she was almost hysterical. Good news is they are no longer married and his ex wife is back where its safe in a large city.
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