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#3354771 - 10/05/12 03:10 PM Re: The Almighty Alaskan Thread #5 [Re: yukonjeff]
akpawpincher Offline

Registered: 04/04/10
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Originally Posted By: yukonjeff
lol...keep in mind it was most likley the Missionaries that came to a bunch of sod houses that were used as a spring camp and said " hey this would be a great place to start our mission and build a school"and then the goverment made them attend the school.

Yeah, I didn't learn until recently how the state (territory at the time) was divided into regions and different churches/ missionaries were sent into each region to convert the locals. Very effective in subverting, burying much of the indigenous culture/language in each region. And they picked some poor locations to settle.
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#3355516 - 10/05/12 11:43 PM Re: The Almighty Alaskan Thread #5 [Re: white17]
alaska viking Offline
"Made it one year not being censored"

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Begs the question, "Why follow"? Just wondering, is all. I think there is more to it.
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#3355542 - 10/06/12 12:13 AM Re: The Almighty Alaskan Thread #5 [Re: white17]
Aknative Offline

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Loc: Fairbanks AK
They didn't at first. But they were preached "Be baptized and be saved, or continue your heathonism and God shall smite thee!" And then the "tuqupaks" happened, the "Big Deaths," the influenza epidemic, measles, so on. After that, one and one is two, better be baptized to avoid further smiting. Also, many of the elders, who were in the process of passing on their knowledge and traditions, succumbed to disease and said traditions knowledge were not passed on.
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