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#1618 - 12/23/06 08:55 PM how far will a coon travel in a night
iowahunter_99 Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 8
Loc: wyoming, Iowa
how far will a coon travel in a night

#1987 - 12/24/06 08:24 AM Re: how far will a coon travel in a night [Re: iowahunter_99]
k9. Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
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The boars are really going to be on the hunt with breeding season coming on.

Your question is a hard one to answer, because there are so many variables that come into play. I think the proper answer would be, they travel as far as they need to, to fullfill thier needs.

So what are those needs?

Shelter, water, and food.

So a coon living in a barn full of hay, at a dairy operation where there are cattle waterers and a lot of cattle feed that is easily accessable, need not travel very far because all his needs are met right there at that location.

That coon will still travel a little on a nice night, just scooping the loop so to speak, but when the weather turns he can be content to stay right where he is.

The coon living in a maple grove in a hollow tree, will travel to the nearby creek and food source. Around here that is probably pretty close by, in drought years it could be further. He will follow a drainage, etc quite a ways.

In the early fall he will live right out in the standing corn at times. Sleeping between the rows. I have seen them when the weather is good many times sleeping in the tall grass while out pheasant hunting.

So to me the key is not worrying about how far they travel. The key is where are they staying now, and what are thier needs now, and how do I get my gear in between those two locations.

Water is something they ALWAYS need.

Stands of hollow trees or mature trees, barns or old houses, piles of old junk cars, and the often overlooked brush piles and rip rap piles are top notch places to have numbers of coons living in them around here. Put your equipment right where they live, or between where they live and the water (on thier travelways), and you will catch coons.

If a late harvest and lot's of standing corn still in the field, they are in that corn and won't travel far from it until it is picked. Set the trails around that corn field, and if possible the creeks that flow through it and you will be on the coons.

#1993 - 12/24/06 08:30 AM Re: how far will a coon travel in a night [Re: k9.]
Trophyhunter Offline
"Reformed Scab Picker"

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with a dog chasing, miles!!!
I survived the death clutch of Boss Hog, and am now here for my 3rd tour of duty on Tman

#2040 - 12/24/06 09:08 AM Re: how far will a coon travel in a night [Re: Trophyhunter]

I read a study somewhere on the internet that showed some typical territories occupied by coons. Most of them had a territory that was about a square mile, but they had no problems with overlapping territories. Also keep in mind that those territories are normally occupied by a family of coons, not just one, and the sows tend to travel with last year's litter.

Here's a prime example. The most productive set I've ever had caught 7 coons in the same trap, in the same location, under the same bridge in a 2 week period. But that wasn't the only trap I had there. I usually gang set. All together, I caught 17 coons and a muskrat within 50 yards of that bridge in that 2 weeks. The bridge was where 2 creeks came together, so there were coons coming upstream from the main creek, and downstream from 2 other creeks. They were probably having a rendevous under that bridge every night and fighting over who got to get in my traps first.

So, finding large numbers of coons isn't about how far they will travel. It is about the geographical lay of the land.

#2084 - 12/24/06 09:44 AM Re: how far will a coon travel in a night [Re: ]
Martin Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
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Loc: SE Nebraska
That's a good observation Buck. A stretch of creek with several tree lines intersecting in one area has the same effect.


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