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#173970 - 04/10/07 10:26 PM Buffalo ...........tongue
RdFx Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
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Loc: Wisconsin
With buffalo tongue i fix it two ways. One is after washing tongue well you can marinate it in your favorite flavor or flavors or just plain salt. Time in marinate depends on your taste buds. Do your marinating IN refrigerator. As with smoking the tongue if you like light smoke flavor dont keep in as long as you would for more full smoky flavor. I use apple wood for smoking chips but use your favorite smoking wood.
When done smoking tongue you can slice the tongue in very thin slices and eat by itself or on crackers. Some people peel the outer rough layer of tongue off as like a sausage rind but it can be eaten as is also.
The second way to fix tongue is to boil tongue. Bring water to rolling boil and then add tongue in boiling water and then bring back up to boil and shut off burner. Put tongue in cold water and then when cool peel outer tongue skin off and then fix the tongue just like you would your favorite roast in oven or put in slow cooker and let slow cook for 6-8 hours. Add your favorite spices and herbs like you do your other meat roasts. I guaranttee you wont throw tongues away after fixing them up either of these two ways... There was a reason so many buffalo were slaughtered for just the tongues. Bon appetitte!

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#182085 - 04/17/07 04:45 PM Re: :Buffalo tongue [Re: RdFx]
big8s Offline

Registered: 12/24/06
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Loc: Green County KY
rd I never ate buffalo tongue but I ate alot of cow tongue as a kid and I do have to say I loved it. My grandmother used to put it in a pressure cooker and make it and it made some fine eaten so I know buffalo tongue has to be fantastic also

#1231220 - 03/03/09 07:34 PM Re: :Buffalo tongue [Re: big8s]
muddyriver Offline

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Loc: Oklahoma
I just read a book about an old trapper called My 60 years on the Plains. He mentions buffalo tongue as a delicacy as well. He also mentions some special fat off of the buffalo's back along the spine called "depuyer" pronounced da poo yea. He said this was sort of light and used as a nutritious bread substitute. He said it was used in ceremonies and for warriors too.