I know predator season is winding down for most of us, but I had a request to make one of these and I decided to make two since I was in my "groove".

The call is highly figured amboyna burl with a high gloss finish...very durable. The call is scaled two times the size of a .223 round and has the base of a real .223 round to act as a mock primer (and exhaust). It's loaded with a coaxer reed that will make great bird distress sounds all the way down to rodent squeaks. You can be the first kid on your block to own one of these fine calls. I'll be starting on turkey calls now since the season is upon us. The predator and waterfowl calls will be taking a back seat except for inventory or special orders.

The cost on this call is $40 and there is no shipping charges since Paul allows us to sell on here at no charge...Thanks Paul!

Enough rambling - here she is...

Feel free to shoot me a PM or e-mail with any questions. Thanks for looking,


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