I modified the design a bit on the Primal for 2014. It still has the same classic look, but with a little modern flare. These are all tuned to cottontail distress. The first few are gunner grade with a satin finish on them and run $15 plus $5 shipping. The last three are Hunter Grade and the finish is indicated, cost on them is $25 plus $5 shipping.

Buy two or more calls and shipping is free. Here ya go...

GGPR-1 Ambosia Maple (Satin Finish) $15

GGPR-4 Ambosia Maple (Satin Finish) $15 SOLD

HGPR-1 Bocote (Satin Finish) $25

HGPR-2 Bocote (Gloss Finish) $25

HGPR-3 African Blackwood (Gloss Finish) SOLD $25

Lastly, I accept Pay-Pal, money orders, checks (needs to clear back first) or you can call in a credit card over the phone

Thanks for looking,

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