My wife and I both work in health care. I work in the private sector senior living communities. My wife works for a large nonprofit health care provider. Our company started pulling and putting resources togather 1 month ago in preparation for where we are today. We used our entire network of investors ,venders, employees etc. Supplies are tight but we where all told you look and find supplies when they are available. While we where preparing I asked my wife what her large corporation was doing. The answer was nothing up until last Monday. Now they are wanting the state and federal govt to help. My employer has over a 1000 properties. 29 are senior living. Avg. 100 plus residents. My point is this. There is a huge business difference in private and govt practice. Neither of the 2 are the same. And never will be. I am tired of the gloom and doom. Do your part. Help one another. We will get thru this togather. Take care