I have the following items that I no longer need. If you want pictures of the items please PM me. All prices include shipping. All items are unless noted.

Drowning cables 7X7 galvanized cable with snap links and L brackets. I would say 85 percent of these have never seen any use. All of the cables are serviceable. 80.00 dollars for the lot.
12 4 foot cables
115 6 foot cables
20 8 foor cables

35 L brackets 10.00

Snare parts 75.00 for the lot
Approx. 250 Twist on collar supports
Approx. 175 slim locks
Approx. 100 1/16 Double Ferrels
Approx. 200 5/64 Button Ferrels
Approx. 250 5/64 Double Ferrels
Approx. 75 3/32 Button Ferrels
Approx 150 3/32 Double Ferrels

78 Wire Swivels 20.00

Snap and Quick Links
80 Large Snap links 30.00
75 Small Snap links 25.00

57 Mink Snares Stainless steel cable loaded with slim locks and barrel swivel. 45.00
120 Fox Snares 3/32 7X7 stainless steel cable loaded with slim locks, twist collar and wire swivel connect. 120 dollars for lot or 1.50 each

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