Hey Folks,
I am passing along this announcement from our WTA president, Arnie Groehler:

Attention Trappers/Collectors
Even though the 2020 FTA/WTA convention was cancelled due to the virus, we still have a limited number of admission buttons and commemorative T-shirts available. Renowned wildlife artist Sharon Davis was able to capture the sense of frustration and determination that we trappers experienced, and portray it on our coyote, along with a face mask, the signature item of 2020. These buttons/T-shirts will be a lasting memento to these difficult times, and a way to remember our "phantom convention." You can purchase these items from the Wisconsin Trappers Association E-Store. Go to Wistrap.org and click on "shop." Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the FTA, WTA and Trapperman Discretionary Fund. Thank-you for your support.

Here is the button:
[Linked Image]

Here is the T-shirt:
[Linked Image]

You can get directly to web page for purchasing these items via this link:

Thanks, Arnie, Sharon and the rest of you for your contributions!

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