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Folks, several old trapping books for sale here. These were all owned by Al Miller a local trapper for many years. ALL are marked and dated when Al bought them, some on the front cover as seen in the photo below, others in the inner leaf. Lot of history and memories here. End of an Era

$60 for all and free shipping in the lower 48.

Southern Fox Trapping Kindervarter - 1fst edition 1976 - good condition
Southern Raccoon Trapping Kindervarter 1fst edition 1976 - good condition
Cronk's Scientific Muskrat Trapping - Oscar Cronk 1fst edition good condition
Prof Fox Trapping -OL Butcher 3rd printing 1974 -good condition
EJ Dailey Exp Fox Trapping - Dailey 5th edition 1976 - good condition
Hawbaker's Supreme Fox and Coyote Trapping - 2nd edition - good condition
Red and Grey Foxes and how to trap them - Hawbaker - 2nd edition 1969 - good condition
How to trap and use lure and bait for greater profits - Hawbaker- 3rd Edtiion 1967 - good condition

PM with any questions - I'm not on daily, but will get back to you

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