I'd like to buy F C Taylor catalogs from 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921.

I'm writing a book about author Sterling North's book "Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era," published in 1963, about his raising a pet raccoon in 1918, which also became a Disney movie in 1969, and a popular Japanese anime in 1977. There's a plot point in the book and anime about a catalog from a St. Louis company. Sterling is trying to make money in order to build his canoe, He plans to trap muskrats to raise the money.

During the afternoon my elation slowly subsided, and I began oiling my muskrat traps for the season ahead. Rascal was always interested in whatever I was doing. But when he came to sniff and feel the traps, a terrible thought slowed my fingers. Putting my traps aside I opened one of the catalogues sent to trappers by the St. Louis fur buyers. There, in full color, on the very first page was a handsome raccoon, his paw caught in a powerful trap.

I'd like to figure out which catalog this was. I'm assuming F. C. Taylor. I'd like pictures for my book, and I may donate the catalog to the Sterling North Museum in Edgerton, Wisconsin as well.

F. C. Taylor did have ads like this:

FC Taylor 1918 ad raccoon in trap.jpg
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