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FOR SALE--Low Priced Collectors Traps-only $5 each #7866727
05/16/23 09:01 PM
05/16/23 09:01 PM
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 543
East Central Illinois
krumui Offline OP
krumui  Offline OP

Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 543
East Central Illinois
I continue to reduce inventory, so I am making available some lower priced traps so everyone can start a collection or add to a collection.
All traps on this page are only $5 each plus shipping. I am also offering another page that are priced at only $10 ea. Combine order and shipping.

#101-Oneida Victor Jump #1 1/2--Complete-Pan readable--NICE
#102-Oneida Victor Jump #2--Complete--Pan only partially readable
#103-Blake and Lamb #2 Jump--Complete-
#104-Sargent #2 LS--one spring missing--can see raised lettering on pan but not readable
#105-Victor #1 Giant LS--Complete-pan mostly readable
#106-Herters #1 Coil Spring--all about the same-light stamps-like new-mostly readable--(Have 5)
#107-Mascot #1 LS--Complete-pan mostly readable SOLD
#108-Kompakt #1 Jump--Real Nice SOLD
#109-Gibbs Two Trigger with wire guard-Victor pan-probably a replacement but nice looking trap
#110-S. Newhouse #1 1/2 LS-pan cut down and not readable-spring strong
#111-Victor #1 LS-complete old trap with post pan
#112-Newhouse #1 LS-one jaw replaced-pan not readable-spring is stamped
#113-Triumph #115 High Grip LS--complete-pan partially readable
#114-Blake and Lamb #1 Jump-Complete-pan readable
#115-Stakawt #1 LS-Complete-pan 50% readable
#116-Stakawt # 1 1/2 LS Complete-pan mostly readable SOLD
#117-Oneida Victor #2 Jump-Complete-light pan stamp
#118-Same as #117
#119-Victor #1 LS-Complete-early model-solid pan post-pan unreadable
#120- Victor #1 LS Shoulder Catch-double jaw-pan partially readable
#121-Diamond #21 LS-Complete -double jaw-pan readable SOLD
#122-PS &W #1 LS-missing chain-pan partially readable
#123-Oneida Victor #1 1/2 Jump-Complete-pan very clean
#124-Stakawt #1 LS-complete-pan partially readable
#125-Stakawt #1 LS-Complete-pan partially readable
#126=Victor #1 Jump-Complete-wire dog on front-pan pitted
#127-Big Bear #110 Size Body Grip-Complete-like new (Have 2)
#128-Victor #1 Jump Stoploss-Complete-wire dog on front
#129-Briddell Champion #1 LS Complete-pan reads about 50% SOLD
#130-Gibbs #2 Jump coil-Complete-pan lightly stamped but mostly readable
#131-Montgomery #11 DLS-Complete-problem free trap-pan readable
#132-Victor #1 LS Oneida Community-Complete-ribbed jaws-pan mostly readable
#133-Blake and Lamb #1 1/2 LS-Complete-webbed jaws=nice solid trap-light stamp but mostly readable SOLD
#134-Victor #1 LS-Complete-the unique thing is one jaw has grooves cut in it-Nicely done-pan mostly readable-short spring SOLD
#135-Newhouse #1 LS-Complete-overall pitting and nothing readable but a strong solid pan-a bargain at this price
#136-Gibbs #1 Coil-Complete-light pan stamp but partially readable
#137-Victor #1 1/2 LS Double Jaw-Complete- pan nearly 100%
#138-Victor Double Shot-Complete-coil spring broken-not the greatest but only $5
All traps are $5 each plus shipping. Combine the $5 and $10 traps on another page to save on shipping charges
Louie Krumwiede
PO Box 3
Buckley, IL 60918

Last edited by krumui; 05/22/23 11:07 AM.
Re: FOR SALE--Low Priced Collectors Traps-only $5 each [Re: krumui] #7869905
05/22/23 11:09 AM
05/22/23 11:09 AM
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 543
East Central Illinois
krumui Offline OP
krumui  Offline OP

Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 543
East Central Illinois
Lots of traps left

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