Howdy folks, Two Feathers here:
I have a custom Beavertail skinning knife for sale. The price is $185.00 shipped and insured.
This is one of those knives that I designed according to what I used to use! It’s designed to maximize skinning and fleshing speed for trappers without putting costly holes in precious pelts.
I’ve sold a few of these and NO ONE has a bad word to say about the design, in fact the owners are thrilled with them. They skin deer and other critters just as well as Beaver or Skrat.
I designed this knife with a unique shaped 3/32” thick 1095 high carbon steel razor sharp blade. The blade is 4” long with a sharpened edge that runs it's length and 100% up around the “nose” of the blade. This design eliminates a point that can pierce or poke holes in a good hide or pelt.
The design is intended to make fast work of skinning without pelt damage.

I chose the Osage Orange handle material, not just for its beauty as it ages, but for its hard, waxiness that makes it ideal for use around water and in wet environments.
The Osage Orange handle is 3.5” long, but has plenty of beef for even the manliest sized hands. The handle scales are held on with (2) 1/8” Iron pins and epoxy for further water resistance.
The sheath is crafted from 5 oz. tooling leather. It has a folded belt loot that will accept a 2-3/4” wide belt. It has a welt, and the front is covered in real tanned Beaver tail hide. There’s a soft natural edge buckskin tab folded down over the front and stitched in place. It helps protect the handle from wear. The whole sheath is Saddle stitched by me by hand.

If you’re a reenactor and want your persona to scream Fur trade era beaver trapper for the HBC, then this knife is for you. Oh…she’ll skin Grizz faster than you can shoot ‘em! :~)))
I take PayPal, MO, & Checks. If you’re interested, PM me and I’ll ship it out flat rate priority, insured.
God bless:
Two Feathers

Newest Beaver Tail skinner 02-16-2023 007.JPGNewest Beaver Tail skinner 02-16-2023 001.JPGNewest Beaver Tail skinner 02-16-2023 004.JPGNewest Beaver Tail skinner 02-16-2023 007.JPGNewest Beaver Tail skinner 02-16-2023 006.JPG

God bless:
Two Feathers