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Holding Ground, Losing War Trapper Talk 09/26/22 02:54 AM
Do all North American grouse taste about the Trapper Talk 09/25/22 10:21 PM
advice on getting AK black bear hide tanned... Trapper Talk 09/19/22 02:53 AM
what's left of map names to be wiped "clean"...? Trapper Talk 09/14/22 11:53 AM
youtuber "j bravo"...anyone watch him...? Trapper Talk 08/25/22 02:27 AM
At least these guys will probably see home again.. Trapper Talk 07/24/22 11:40 PM
Ukie "Ki-oyotes" but reversing the flow... Trapper Talk 07/21/22 04:14 AM
Just when re-enlistments are at an all time low... Trapper Talk 07/07/22 03:26 AM
The UAF no longer operational in Lugansk province Trapper Talk 07/02/22 11:38 PM
South Dakota tail bounty about done for the year Trapper Talk 06/30/22 02:30 AM
a battlion a day, a brigade a week... Trapper Talk 06/19/22 06:50 PM
anybody bid on the Girard gun auction tonight...? Trapper Talk 06/14/22 02:16 AM
Psalm 37... Trapper Talk 06/03/22 11:48 AM
the "cancellation" of Confederate generals Trapper Talk 05/25/22 09:38 PM
new SD flathead cat record... Trapper Talk 05/21/22 01:10 AM
word choices- I guess "evacuate" is better than.. Trapper Talk 05/18/22 01:24 AM
Diesel rationing coming...? Trapper Talk 05/16/22 10:30 PM
the seeds of war... Trapper Talk 05/03/22 12:41 PM
how come this truck isn't carrying more ammo... Trapper Talk 04/24/22 04:49 AM
Scot Highlander chief's view of the Romans... Trapper Talk 04/23/22 02:47 AM
world reserve currency... Trapper Talk 04/21/22 12:29 AM
Russian military daily action reports Trapper Talk 04/14/22 01:48 AM
What's up is down, what's down is up... Trapper Talk 04/13/22 05:45 AM
The SD FHA agent kept his "sail" on the road... Trapper Talk 04/09/22 01:45 AM
the emerging aftermath in Mariupol, seemingly... Trapper Talk 04/07/22 07:43 AM
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