Our old hunting club members use to have a cooking for the land owners and a camphouse party. this is the recipe.
take and debone the hind quarters and shoulders put in a big boiler add water,whole onions,couple of bags of crab boil seasoning or just add crab boil powder seasoning.add a couple cans of beer. add a few dashes of red pepper. boil for around 4 hrs or until a fork will go through the meat easy. let meat cool then slice up and put in a foil pan. get a gallon of cheap hytop barbeque sauce from grocery store and add to meat and mix well add a bit any seasoning you like and maybe some honey if you like sweet barbeque sauce. then cover foil pan with foil but not sealed leave enough opening to get smoke flavor and put on the smoker or grill and add hickory or pecan wood to smoke for an hour or 2 until barbeque is ready.

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