For more than a week, Kansas trappers have been under a direct assault due to a rabbit hunter catching a beagle in a 220 coni set in a bucket on public hunting ground. The dog was killed. The dog's owner is using the bully pulpit of his position as Assistant Police Chief in Salina, Kansas, to further his agenda in seeking that conibear's be prohibited on all public access grounds in Kansas, and the KFHA apparently has taken a sit and wait this one out approach.

Where are the members and where is your outrage at this?

Why do you pay dues, and why do you approve payment of affiliation dues with other, larger groups if you aren't willing to call in the calvary when your back's against the wall?

The victim in this incident has plastered this on every TV newscast in the state, has contactd all the major newspapers, and appeared on the state's most listened to radio talk show attacking conibears and their use. And all the while, not a word from KFHA nor any effort to organize a stand in your defense.

The victim even has the audacity to claim that he has been contacted by Kansas trappers who agree with his stance, yet no one speaks out against him, except for a few of us when and where we can. Since when do trappers agree with efforts to take away their rights to trap? This is an embarassment.

Time to step up, folks. Are you so complacent that you honestly don't think that this can affect you? Think again. It's my understanding that the Salina Journal, who has taken the point on pushing this agenda, is getting their information from a major Canadian animal rights group.

I've been defending this matter on their website discussion board for over a week, yet Aside from a very small group of trapping loyalists, I have been alone.

Where are you, Kansas trappers?!?

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