WILD TURKEY Information

Wild turkey should be bled and cleaned immediately after shooting. And be sure to remove the oil sacs at the base of the back near the tail.

To keep the wild turkey from spoiling, cool the bird rapidly in the field and keep it cold during the trip home.

Before cooking, be sure to wash out the body cavity of the turkey. There may be some watery looking tissue, and you'll need to be sure to remove this.

An older bird--one that is larger than 12-15 lbs.--may be tough. So sprinkle a commercial tenderizer in the body cavity and refrigerate the bird for 12-24 hours.

When the time comes, the wild turkey may be cooked as you would a domestic turkey. The meat is lean and medium-dark with a mild game flavor. However, the low fat content means there is greater danger of drying out, so baste the bird frequently durning cooking.

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