I have a groundhog job at a park. They have a fenced in area broken up for garden spaces. I went to look at it last week and saw a few holes around some compost inside the fence and one crawl under spot. It looked like a good job for patterdale terriers. I have been communicating with a lady who hunts at every opportunity and who had volunteered her services to me.
So to put a bandaid on the job until I could get back. I set and left with instruction 16 0z. of Jamesons Formula 2, some silk flowers and since I don't have a Comstock a couple of Tomahawks with the naturalist.
I got back today and they had caught 6 ground hogs at the area and the holes were empty.
This left me and the woman spending the day digging holes full of roots to get three ground hogs. It was very hard work but a lot of fun. It would have been more fun next to the garden space.
The moral of the story is if you don't want to catch ground hogs don't use Jameson's #2.

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Do not use both feet when testing the depth or temperature of the water
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Paul Brooker