This CD-7820A type ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed for CD, VCD and DVD cleaning. It has digital program, 5 working cycles to choose freely. And its tightened lid design can reduce the noise very effectively. It is really a significant product with structure advancement.

Features of Ultrasonic Cleaner:
1. Cleans optical discs such as CD, VCD, DVD, etc.
2. See only plain tap water to clean
3. Remove dirt effectively; results can be seen with bare eyes!
4. Clean articles to shine just like new
5. Applications: Jewelry and Watches, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Coins, Watches Straps and Bands etc., Eye Care, glasses, sunglasses, Contact Lens Accessories, Daily Personal Care, Dentures, Combs, Toothbrushes, Table Wares.