Must Read National Wildlife Refuges

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I learned last night at our Vermont Trappers Directors meeting that several of the National Wildlife Refuges are rewriting their management plans.

Each and every one of us owns a share in these refuges and it is imparitive that we respond to their management plans.

The Umbagog Refuge in NewHampshire as finished the public comment period I believe. They received over 200 writen comments support trapping. This is pretty good. BUT they received over 16000 emails slamming trapping in the refuge. These letters come from all over the US. The managers of these refuges give more credit to letters than email but emails do count.

As of right now the public comment period is open for the Conte Refuge. Conte is spread out over 4 states, in New England, and will receive many comments. I will be attending the public hearing on Dec. 18th.

When I get more info I will post the addy, both electronic and postal for comments. I expect that this forum alone will generate 2000 writen responce in support of trapping in OUR refuge.

I also feel that this is where the National Trapping Orginizations, NTA and FTA, should bve alerting us to getting the word out. I am in hopes that this will be addressed soon....
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