I have for sale the following O'Gorman catalogs. They are all in new condition, were purchased directly from O'Gorman, and are autographed by Craig and Dana on the inside cover. Included is a copy of the letter of authentication. The catalogs do not contain the additional fliers of misc. items for sale O'Gorman often includes.

The following catalogs are available:
2001-2002 ; 2004-2005
2006-2007 ; 2007-2008
2008-2009 ; 2010-2011
2012-2013 ; 2013-2014
2014-2015 ; 2017-2018

These items will most likely retain or gain in collector value.

Individual copies are $18 each postage paid. All ten copies are $150 postage paid. Prices firm.

Payment via money order or personal check. Orders paid with personal check will be held until the check clears.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks for your interest.

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