The following lots of traps are for sale. Lots will not be split up. Prices do not include shipping. Local pick-up preferred. I will be traveling between Duluth and Bemidji over Labor Day weekend so delivery is possible. Its also possible that I will travel from Duluth to SE Wisconsin in the next several months and delivery through that corridor could be arranged.

Lot #1
2 Victor Stoploss traps, small pan
7 Victor #1 LS
1 Victor #0 LS
8 Victor #1 LS
2 #11 LS, 1 Victor (weak) and 1 B&L, all 20 traps for $45
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Lot #2 SOLD
1 #4 jump trap (rough shape)
2 #3 jump traps
1 #2 jump trap
7 1 jump traps, All jump traps for $38
[Linked Image]

Lot #3
8 Duke 1 , regular jaws
1 Duke 1 , off-set jaws, all 9 for $48
[Linked Image]

Lot #4 SOLD
6 Duke dog-proof traps $50
[Linked Image]

Lot #5
12 Belisle 220 conibears, basically new, $150
[Linked Image]

Lot #6
10 6x6 colony traps, $5 each, will split this lot
[Linked Image]

First to send a PM claiming a lot will get it. Shipping will be additional to the listed price. If youre in the mid-west I can ship Spee Dee which is fairly cheap. Payment via MO, paypal gift or personal check (will wait for it to clear) are all fine. PM any questions.

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