A young boy lies awake in bed looking out a tiny window on a cold winter morning. He scratches his name in the thin layer of ice that has formed on the inside of the glass. He’s listening and waiting. Listening to the sounds of his father getting ready for work down stairs and waiting on a storm that frequents the boy when he’s gone.

He pulls himself closer to the window with the spindles that make up the headboard of the bed. He hears the crushing of the rocks under the tires on his father’s truck and watches the lights disappear down the drive. The thunder and lightening before the storm.

The boy slowly withdraws from the window slipping back under the blanket. He begins preparing for the storm. He hears nothing as he retreats in his mind but he knows it is approaching. It strikes! Hurling the boy and his mattress to the floor. He imagines a huge wave has just crashed over him sending him to the rocky bottom just as he experienced in the ocean during summers at the beach. The angered voice of the storm he filters into the sound of a raging ocean and it holds him in place. His scalp suddenly burns as his hair is pulled tight lifting him from the floor. His imagination continues its pursuit and he imagines a lifeguard has pulled him from the floor of the ocean fearing he was drowning.

He resist the urge to fight the storm and is tossed into the air from a mighty wind. He lands and rolls taking some of the sting out. He is struck with random debris as the storm continues its rage.

Beyond the storm he takes in the scene of his sister weeping. Fearing that she may also be swept up in the storm he cries out, bringing the eye of the storm back toward him.

He returns to his imagination just in time to envision rolling playfully down a hill with his friends as he is shaken violently by the storm. He drops to the floor and all is quiet. He lays peacefully on the floor. He carefully walks through his mind back to reality. He sits motionless starring. His sister making her way to him, clearing debris as she goes, helps him to his feet and comforts him as they make their way down the stairs to prepare for school.