Forty-four - Number 3 Modified Sleepy Creek Coil Spring Traps. These traps are 1/4" inside laminated with a filled and buffed jaw face. Offset jaws. The traps are retro-fitted with #3 Bridger pans to increase the kill area (6.4 sq. in. vs 4.9 sq. in.; 23% increase). The factory swivels are replaced with two MB Crunch Proof swivels.

Offered in:
Lots of 1/2 dozen @ $14 each = $84/six
All 44 traps @ $12 each = $528/forty-four

I have had very good success with these traps. I am always in a continual upgrade and streamlining of my outfit and so they are up for sale.

I will have these traps with me next week @ the FTA and the following week @ the PTA. A great chance to get them without shipping. You can find me at Murray's Lures and Trapping Supplies or PM me between now and then if you have questions.

Thanks for looking.