RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme press- $150.00
Lee 12 gauge shotgun reloader- $40.00
Powder trickler-$20.00
Powder Scale-$25.00
1 bag large decaping pins-$5.00
1 bag small decaping pins-$5.00
#3 shell holder-$10.00
#16 shell holder-$10.00
Stuck case remover-$15.00
E-ZEE Trim case trimmer-$40.00
Hornady hand deburrer-$10.00
Impact Bullet Puller-$20.00
Lyman brass tumbler-$40.00
1 container tumbling media, new-$10.00
Sierra loading manual-$15.00
Nobler reloading manual-$10.00
223 reloading die-$30.00
RBCS 45 acp die-$35.00
RCBS 7mm-08 die-$32.00
RCBS 30-06 die-$32.00
RCBS 9mm die-$35.00
3 plastic loading blocks-$6.00 each
11- 45 acp plastic storage boxes-$4.00 each
13- 9mm plastic storage boxes-$4.00 each
14-223 plastic storage boxes-$5.00 each
Half bag of #8 lead shot-$15.00
2- 1,000 round boxes of fmj 9mm bullets-$90.00 each
3-100 round boxes Varmet 223-$15.00 each
2- 100 round boxes XTP 9mm defense bullets-$17.00 each

9mm bullet mold-$20.00
45 acp bullet mold-$20.00
1 replacement handle-$5.00
2 lead dippers-$10.00 each
1- 4 bar ingot mold-$10.00
10 lb lead pot-$15.00
Electric melting pot-$35.00

2,000- 9mm brass unprimed, polished-$30.00 each 1,000
2,000- 223 brass unprimed, polished-$40.00 each 1,000

I can ship most of it, you could pick it up at my place, or if your going to the Nationals in Iowa. I'll be there Wednesday night till Saturday night, I can bring it along for you. Thanks for looking, Chad Kamolz

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