I am a old man and donít know how to post all of this stuff with a picture.
I took pictures of each lot and put them on my phone and can text the pictures of each lot too you. I think I priced them low enough and I pay shipping so I think every one will be happy.
All items new even if not in original box.
If you want to see the picture text me and I will text you photo of each lot. At this time I really hate to break up the lots because shipping that I will pay takes up most of the value of each lot. Trying to make each lot a great deal for the buyer , were its hard not to buy the lot.
These items would be good to use or trade to some one or sale at Gun shows etc. I just donít have the time to go to gun shows.
Text me at (701) 412-1395 and I will send you the picture of the lot you are interested in. I donít know anything about this pay pal thing so postal money order works. I have these items listed on a couple different forums so will I will make sure who says I want the items first gets them. Just need to confirm by PM YES , and your name and address so I can hold the lot till I get your postal money order.

Lot 19Ö. $35.00 for items in this lot.
13 slot AR15 picatinny rail , 0.83 inches high ,5.7 inches long.
14 slot AR15 picatinny rail 1 inch high ,5.7 inches long. 1 set of 30mm high scope rings , ( 3 ) sets of 30mm low scope rings. I think they are all vortex rings the ones that are like 18.00 a pair. I am sure made in China.

.Lot 18Ö. $ 75.00 for all items in this lot
AR15 black plastic forearm with barrel nut , forward AR15 Grip with the push button tripod that comes out of bottom , AR15 folding down front sight made by YHM company years ago , this front sight fits around barrel then folds down. Cool sight. , ( 1 ) low profile gas block , 1 used bushmaster gas block that has a front sling mount built into the gas , very cool. , 9mm black flash hinder with crush washer , bag of FACTORY AR15 triggers and parts , what you see is what you get , have no idea if everything you need for the triggers. I replaced all my AR 15 triggers with aftermarket triggers and found a plastic bag with all of these triggers in it , cable loop attachment.

17Ö.$45.00 for items in this lot
( 5 ) M-Lock sling swivel adaptors ,
( 1 ) 45 degree AR15 picatinny rail.
( 1 ) impact weapons ( Quick Disconnect sling mount.

16ÖÖ $75.00 for all items in lot
Ö. Anderson 16 inch AR15 223 Barrel with Gas tube.
Extra heavy Action power spring , Nice 223 cal forearm with the barrel nut , 1 pc AR15 scope mount.

15Ö. $40.00 for all items in this lot
...1.7 ounce buffer tube ,cheap set of target sport brand AR15 fold down iron sights , 45 degree picatinny rail mount , AR15 take down pins , , Tac AR15 rail mount sling , AR15 7.62x39 extra long firing pin , Stoner AR15 SS 223 flash Hinder with crush washer

14Ö.$50.00 for all items in lot.
( 2 ) FireField Machine Gun reflex sights.
I have 1 brand new in box and 1 new with out box. Kind of rare because of the name on box of Machine Gun Sight printed on box.
Very cool Red Dot.

13Ö.$25.00 American Iron Buck Antler Mount kit to mound your antlers on. America flag color. New in its plastic box.

Thanks. Marty

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