Hi there.

hate to do this, as i did find enjoyment out of trapping, but i am selling all of my trapping gear. i just dont do it anymore. i spend more time in my blacksmith shop than i did trapping, and even said to myself last winter "if i go out trapping, im not in my shop hammering." so, that settled it for me.

so, what do i have.

In no particular order:

ground hog hammer: $15
disposable stake driver: $10
trowel with wood handle: $5
dirt sifter, metal box: $5
logwood trap dye: $0

Body grip trap setter: $10

12x Body grip trap holders. nail in or scew in type: $10

4x smaller wire stretchers: $12 for all 4
6x larger coyote sized wire stretchers: $60 for all six.

10x rebar stakes with large washers welded to the top approx 2feet long: $10

24 x (2 dozen) disposable stakes, 16" length: $10/dozen
10x 12" disposable stakes: $5 for all of them.

10x snares: $15 for all

2x 330 body grips: $15 each

2x mb-650 offset 4coil: $20 each

7x mb-550 offsets 4coil: $15 each

3x #1 longspring footholds with arm restraints: $5 each

3x #1 or #1.5 coil spring. 5" jaw spread: $5 each

3x #1 or #1.5 coil spring 4" jaw spread: $5 each

2x 110 body grip single spring 4.5 jaw spread: $5 each

16x 160 body grip single spring 6" jaw spread: $8 each. (im not sure if these are 160s or something else. all the 160s ive found online have 2 springs on them. so if you know precisely what they are, i'll edit this.)

You pay for shipping as well.

mb550.PNG160conis.PNG330coni.PNGmb650-4coil.PNGassorted tools.PNG

2018 season targets

coon 5
coyotes 2
Muskrats 2
Skunks 3
Beaver 1
Fox 1