Please email, contact or communicate through a smoke signal to your representatives the merits that trapping brings to the community and how important it is to you as the constituent. We can win the battle of public perception because we truly have science on our side. Since most of us like to sell our furs, we also need to be sending the same emails to the companies that buy furs and explain how sustainable it is, the limits as far as animals, the good it does the community and how much of an impact them buying your fur through the auction house plays on your life. No offense to the California Trapping Association head who seemed to just give everything up and call it a lost cause a few years back, I want you to remember that if a group of less than 50 vocal people can influence major public shift in policy, the group of us can also do the same thing. I also recommend mentioning that ALL traps you use meet or exceed all AIHTS & BMP standards as set forth by the AFWA that have studied 600 trap types for 23 species of furbearers with approximately $40Million as the budget since 1997. I even recommend talking to people who don't trap about the benefits of trapping so they can understand, the new generation doesn't know and is being fed bad information.