I know this not the sale forum so delete if not allowed but I have quite a few of my adc traps. I do live in Sioux City Iowa if wanted pickup near by.

As of now have a way to get these to the iowa convention if lined up this week or so.

*12 squirrel tube traps 4 of them never used $200 total

* 2 wooden CO2 chambers and one empty CO2 tank as lot $200
*1 kirk Dekalb "Advanced Trap" double door trap used one season was $350 new selling $200.
*1 XL size double door Comstock bobcat cage $200.
3 raccoon size trap docks for traps on roofs etc sold together $100
2 AAC proline covered skunk traps sold together $80
1 transfer cage can fit 3 different animals- $50

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