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All these were owned by Al Miller of Northern IN - ALL are marked on the cover or inner leaf of the date he purchased them.

Fox Trapping for the Part Time Trapper- Bob Stortenbacker- 1fst edition - good condition
Muskrat Trapping Methods by George Wacha - 1fst edtion 1980 - good condition - excellent read, by an interesting man in our recent trapping past!!
Smitty's Fox Trapping Encyclopedia - RC Smith - 1fst edition 1984 - good condition - articles by (This word is unacceptable on Trapperman), Dunlap, Kermit Steartns and others
Profitable Fox Trapping by Jim Helfrich- 1fst edition 1980 - good read, interesting cat - leave it at that lol.

$35 shipped to the lower 48

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