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#776162 - 07/03/08 10:20 PM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: Shanman]
j lord Offline

Registered: 12/22/06
Posts: 7609
Loc: Flatland TN
i'da sold ya a dozen 1.5's, got too many, goin mostly #3's.

had to replace the two dozen stolen #3's and got a few dozen more.
James Lord

#776306 - 07/04/08 01:59 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: j lord]
johnwilkinson Offline

Registered: 12/27/06
Posts: 364
Loc: Westmoreland Co. PA.

night- latching is a time saver on the line. I have witnessed my partner, using this method, not only does it "click", but there is no need to view, weather yer pan is leavel.

savin time, John

#776347 - 07/04/08 06:52 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: johnwilkinson]
Cisco Offline

Registered: 12/25/06
Posts: 945
Loc: Delaware County Ohio
One thing about a dremmel and those little grinding wheels, don't push to hard \:o they come apart pretty easily. ;\)
"If a man is alone in the woods and no woman can hear him is he still wrong?"

I support our troops and their mission.

#776356 - 07/04/08 07:18 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: j lord]
Canine Slayer Offline

Registered: 01/13/08
Posts: 639
Loc: Caseville, Mi
JLord, clamp a vice grip on the pan notch for a guide where you want to nightlatch. About 5 or 6 strokes with a file,hit it on a wire wheel and your done. I tried the dremmel, it works, but you still have to straighten it up with a file. You tend to go too deep, then have to shorten it up and straighten it out, so to me there is no benefit.

#776380 - 07/04/08 08:15 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: Canine Slayer]
Kevmill Offline

Registered: 12/26/06
Posts: 790
Loc: Pennsylvania
Tried the dremel method myself. Figured it would take a whole lot less elbow grease to do the night latching. Problem was it very easy to take to much off the pan and wound up doing extra filing to fix the mistake. eeerrrrr!!! I found using a larger file to start the notch and a smaller one to touch it up, doesn't take much effort at all.

#776435 - 07/04/08 09:28 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: Kevmill]
Taximan Offline

Registered: 01/20/07
Posts: 2883
Loc: SW Montana
If you are going to use a cutoff wheel in the Dremel,always get the ones that are reinforced with fiber.They don't tend to fly apart like the regular ones always do.And always wear safety glasses.I've been hit in the face and glasses with pieces of those regular cutoff wheels and they are going at incredible speed.A variable speed Dremel would be good to so you could get it down to a speed you could control.

#776462 - 07/04/08 09:57 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: Taximan]
huntinglonewolf Offline

Registered: 12/27/06
Posts: 3838
Loc: Wyoming
The slanted rod dogs are already nite latched and 3 times as heavy as the reg. dogs.
"Oh make no mistake, itís not revenge I'm afteróItís a reckoning":

#776534 - 07/04/08 11:48 AM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: huntinglonewolf]
45/70 Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 3847
Loc: Georgia
Cletis, that style of file is called a blind file. They are used a lot by gunsmiths, and other folks have uses for them also. You don't have to make a blind file. They are for sale in most hardware stores.

#776562 - 07/04/08 12:20 PM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: 45/70]
richard s Offline

Registered: 12/27/07
Posts: 238
Loc: coast of mississippi
I use the edge of a belt sander. remove the pan and touch to the edge of the sanding belt. real quick and it's nice and square.

#776571 - 07/04/08 12:31 PM Re: night latching with a dremmel.. [Re: richard s]
Cletis Richards Offline

Registered: 12/23/06
Posts: 5480
Loc: 10714 Apple road Carthage,Mo6...
Thanks 45/70 I have always got a lot of satisfaction of using my hands, made a blind triangular file to make dovetail slots in muzzleloader barrels for front and rear sights as well as underlugs to hold barrel to stock. I quess frugal is my middle name, LOL
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