Another Big Serge essay in his series of history of maneuver in battle. Napoleon's use of corps to both cover more ground at once but also being able to concentrate power when needed at a central location gained the French army many victories, His use of then current combined arms (infantry, cavalry, and artillery) was usually without match. In the end, strategically, Napoleon lost because of its expanded geography, France did not have the resources or political-diplomatic power to hold its vassal states together. It might be an interesting read to some of you.;utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

P.S. Big Serge doesn't mention it but last few years of Napoleon's life show just how much the European elites wanted him to be gone short of an execution. After Waterloo, Napoleon was exiled to Saint Helena, an isolated British rock in the south Atlantic that is 1,200 miles west of what today is southern Angola or about 2,500 miles east of southern Brazil. He died a little over 6 years later. Modern people have theorized slow poisoning by arsenic caused his death while others maintain cancer, probably starting in his stomach. Either way, far away from Paris or his native Med island of Corsica.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image …and let them have dominion …and all the creatures that move along the ground".
Genesis 1:26