With the closing of the door on March, also comes the end to the very successful FBU Auction. Your generous support raised $2974.00! Sinse assuming this position as FBU Coordinator, I have heard many times how tremendously supportive the members of trapperman.com are of FBU, and I'm filled with gratitude by the open handedness of you all.

On behalf of Furbearers Unlimited, I want to say thank you to each individual who contributed to our fundraising efforts this year in helping to ensure that we have continued success and growth. Each item donated is greatly appreciated and every dollar bid even if you didn't win, is a form of support and we can't thank you enough for your dedication to our organization and the sport of trapping.

A special thank you to Wheelers for all of his organization and facilitating the auction for us. Your time volunteered does not go unnoticed and it's because of your support that we can continue to do what we do. 

I also want to thank Paul Dobbins for allowing us this amazing platform to connect and come together like this to raise funds.

Until next year,
Thank you!!